"Hey everyone, this is Brittaney, and you're listening to Citrus Room..."

Citrus Room Podcast is the podcast with flavor. I use this platform to share the stories of individuals that come from different walks of life. I believe everyone has a story that can inspire one another. So that's what I'm doing. My purpose is to make others feel comfortable and communicate with them to help them share their accomplishments, struggles, awakenings and more. I wanted to start this podcast because in my lifetime I have cherished many "heart to hearts" with people that I wish I recorded. When listening to Citrus Room you can laugh, cry, be in awe, rediscover your purpose and so much more. Thank you to all of my guests that have been on the show, you make me a better person, creating this show has been such a rewarding experience. To the people who will be on my show one day, I can't wait. To my listeners and subscribers, I can't thank you enough. Your support means the world to me.