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Friends Forever with Cady Buscher


I'm back! I took a short hiatus to heal from the passing of my pug Napoleon. It has been an extremely hard time adjusting to the change, not just for me but for my family. He was my dream dog, and the funniest, sweetest pet I could ask for. In returning, I wanted to share this episode with my best friend Cady Buscher.  Cady and I have been friends for 18 years and boy have we been through a lot! Surprisingly, we never really fought. But so much has happened in our personal lives we have stood by each others side and watched each other grow into young women. This episode recaps a little of what our friendship is like, the paths we took and who knows each other best challenge. I am so grateful to have Cady as a friend, who gets me, who will stand up for me and who makes me laugh. Something to ask yourself: What is your definition of a good friend? 


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