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Finding your passion with Shana Atofau


Shana Atofau is a free-spirited, beautiful and creative T H R I F T Q U E E N! I am constantly inspired by her freedom to wear whatever she wants. Her brand, The Thrift Chronicles aka thcbleulite was simply inspired by her lifestyle and what she had to wear. Shana has made nothing ( $.99 cent shirts and skirts) out of something. She has her best friends and family members model and express their own style through thrifted clothing. While pushing this movement, Shana is hard at work finishing up her last quarter of college from Eastern Washington University. She is also in the process of turning The Thrift Chronicles into a non-profit. There's nothing this amazing woman can't do. She STILL makes time to put her family first. She takes pride in her Samoan culture and is always promoting self-love and to love and inspire others. Shana is also my partner in a women's networking series where we host events around the Seattle area to bring women together in the most fun ways possible. Join us on MAY 21 at for Cocktails and Karaoke! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS!

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