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Citrus Room Mix with G-Lo & HAN

We're switching things up this week on Citrus Room! Following a short interview, I have the dynamic duo G-Lo & HAN give us a DJ set that was made just for us! Angelo Martin and Jon Retotal are just like many of you, working their day jobs and coming back home to do what they love. You might recognize Angelo from our very first episode, when he's not producing films he's DJ-ing. I'm thrilled to have a returning guest who can share more about themselves with all of you! DJ-ing has been a hobby of theirs that has landed them a few gigs here and there. What they would love, is to book more gigs and express their creativity to more people! I really admire these guys and they are so kind, hope you all enjoy the mix and let me know what you think! They'll definitely be back. 

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