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Ladies Get Paid with Sage Quiamno


Don't we look like we are about to drop the most fire mix tape of 2018? Meet lady boss and total badass Sage Quiamno! She's the Head of Hustle and Digital Marketing Strategist for Ladies Get Paid  a worldwide movement that is making sure us ladies, GET PAID! And get paid what what we deserve. From hitting us with the facts of the gender wage gap to hosting salary negotiations, Sage has really made an effort to make a difference in this world. She grew up in the North Shore on Oahu and made her way over to Seattle 5 years ago and it's changed her life ever since. From growing up in a small town surrounded by family and people who looked liked her to moving to Seattle where she felt very out of place. Sage is an advocate for bringing women of color together and uplifting one another and collaborating. 

I am truly inspired by Sage's work and really enjoy being around her upbeat personality. Her story is amazing, her energy is amazing and she really teaches us that we as women, have a purpose. And that we must know our worth.

Find Sage on Instagram here and follow Ladies Get Paid on Instagram here and Ladies Get Paid Seattle here :)