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Airheads and Deep Sh*t with Romaro Franceswa & DJ Marvelous


I think this interview was a surprise to all that attended because man... it got DEEP. But we also found ourselves laughing hysterically. This interview with Romaro Franceswa and DJ Marvelous was D O P E. I got to learn a side about Romaro that was vulnerable, something that might not be apparent when you're labeled as a rapper.

Things are moving and shaking in Romaro's world. He's hitting the road to go on tour with other big name Seattle rappers such as Dave B and Mr. Nice Nice. He's also featured in the highly anticipated album by Sango "In The Comfort Of" and is getting ready to drop his EP "Kiss The Sky". Things weren't always so positive in his world, get to know Romaro and his DJ, Marvelous and what it was like as kids growing up in Federal Way. 

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