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Northwest's Best with EvergreenTreez


I'm super thankful I got the chance to chat with Adam Heintz of EvergreenTreez! Adam and I went to college together and had several classes together and ended up standing side by side as we graduated. College was a JOURNEY and it amazing to see where we are now, achieving our dreams. Adam has always been a man of the outdoors, whether he is snowboarding or cruising around on his longboard. After college Adam created the lifestyle and clothing brand EvergreenTreez which promotes a positive message about the outdoors and encourages people to become closer to nature. A quote from his website: "We are a movement with purpose. We have an eye to the future and know that the natural world we all love has been compromised for some time. In order to continue to climb, sleep in, hike through and explore the Treez we need to promote environmental stewardship. We will continue to spread our roots this year by partnering with non-profit groups in Washington State to rebuild trails, support reforestation efforts and plant Treez. " Adam, I'm so proud of you and I'm constantly inspired by your carefree, easy going and positive lifestyle.

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