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#FBF : The Scope of Life with LexScope


Name a better duo, I’ll wait.
It’s our first Flashback Friday episode!
Thank you for your patience, for real. If you know me personally or follow me on social media you know that I moved to Los Angeles a month ago. And since then life has been crazy! I started a new job and even flew back to Seattle to attend Citrus Room Squeeze. I can’t thank you enough for showing nothing but love and support for Citrus Room.

Before I moved I got the chance to chat with LexScope. An incredible person who is using their creative talents in film and photo to navigate and make their mark in Tacoma and Seattle. I didn’;t edit this episode where I would speak on “time”. This interview was a week before I signed a lease, flew to LA to pick up keys and then have 3 interviews in one day for what is now my current job. This interview was what I needed and reminded me about my journey before I made the big move. Shout out to Alex. Because he ended up asking me questions and we both shared our vulnerabilities with one another and for that I’m grateful.

Why don't we talk about mental health enough? What movie would you choose if you had to pick between Friday and Hitch? How do we move and shake in a new city? Learn about all that and more in this episode with LexScope.

PS you’re probably wondering, why don’t we have a photo together at the Cloud Studios wall? WELL let me tell you! People were using the freight elevator and they weren’t going to be done using it anytime soon. So since Alex’s photoshop skills are fire, we went with the next best option.

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