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Citrus Room Mix with G-Lo & HAN

We're switching things up this week on Citrus Room! Following a short interview, I have the dynamic duo G-Lo & HAN give us a DJ set that was made just for us! Angelo Martin and Jon Retotal are just like many of you, working their day jobs and coming back home to do what they love. You might recognize Angelo from our very first episode, when he's not producing films he's DJ-ing. I'm thrilled to have a returning guest who can share more about themselves with all of you! DJ-ing has been a hobby of theirs that has landed them a few gigs here and there. What they would love, is to book more gigs and express their creativity to more people! I really admire these guys and they are so kind, hope you all enjoy the mix and let me know what you think! They'll definitely be back. 

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Citrus Room Cold Cans Podcast crossover

It's Citrus Rooms first crossover episode and of course we had to share it with the guys from Cold Cans Podcast ! Nick Patri and Joey Glocke are giving you the DEFINITIVE list of the Top 100 Beers. AND I was recently featured as a guest on an episode where I share a beer that I enjoy, check out that episode here! Whether you are a beer drinker or not, the guys of Cold Cans Podcast will sure make you laugh. Because it's not just about beer, they're humans too! They share some of their crazy life stories and some that will knock your socks off. From La Croix to Jelly Filled Doughnuts to learning what it's like to move from Wisconsin to Seattle...we cover it all plus more. 

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We're only human with Nitra McCoy

It's not everyday where you wake up and decide to tell the world your fears, strengths and weaknesses but on today's episode of Citrus Room we're telling it like it is. Life is hard. And we need to remind ourselves that we are only human. We have our ups and downs and talking about it can sometimes be the best therapy. My guest Nitra McCoy is an aspiring musician, incredible mother, friend and creative. We thought that sharing our obstacles in life could be useful to someone out there. And at the end we encourage those to believe that anything is possible. 

TheAfterHour: Life Hacks, Backpack Drake, and Legacy

Taking a risk by leaving your 9 to 5 job, packing your bags and moving in hopes for something more is exactly what my friend Amir Zahed did. This self-made photographer, videographer, editor (AND MORE) knew that he wanted to be in advertising and stayed up at all hours of the night perfecting his craft. And during the process he shared his experiences, advice and more with anyone who was curious. What legacy do we want to leave behind? Why give free advice? How do you survive the social media world as an artist? Find out more in this episode, hit play! 

Thank you Amir for inspiring me.

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Food & Family with Anthony Do of Bánh Town

I am so excited to share this episode! We're talking about FOOD! I kick off the show with a BIG announcement that I was featured in the summer edition of Allrecipes magazine and how this opportunity came to be. 

I also got to chat with a great friend of mine, Anthony Do who is the co-owner of Bánh Town - a Vietnamese street food restaurant in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. As a food lover and in hopes to open a restaurant someday (maybe). I wanted to hear from Anthony's perspective what it's like for him to have a family business that he shares with his mom, dad, sisters and brother-in-law. Find out about their hardships, successes and plans for the future. We also play a fun game! 

I am SO happy for Bánh Town and truly admire their work ethic. PLEASE visit Bánh Town whenever you get the chance and if you say the words "citrus room" you get $1 off your meal :) 

Check out an older blog post of Bánh Town that I wrote here.

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It's funny how life works, you speak about an idea and then it comes to life. In this podcast session I got to sit down with Jeffery Jacobson a.k.a. Weirdo with Tilson XOXO as my co-host who helped me get this podcast started. We were walking down the street one day when I saw Weirdo working on a mural outside of Neumos, I was in awe by his talent. A few months later I'm sitting across from him having a mind blowing conversation. 

In this episode you'll learn about the how to turn a negative into a positive in many different situations of life. Weirdo speaks his truth on the reality of being an artist and his post-internet movement. From self-realizations to aliens and the perfect day, we cover it all. 

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Finding your passion with Shana Atofau


Shana Atofau is a free-spirited, beautiful and creative T H R I F T Q U E E N! I am constantly inspired by her freedom to wear whatever she wants. Her brand, The Thrift Chronicles aka thcbleulite was simply inspired by her lifestyle and what she had to wear. Shana has made nothing ( $.99 cent shirts and skirts) out of something. She has her best friends and family members model and express their own style through thrifted clothing. While pushing this movement, Shana is hard at work finishing up her last quarter of college from Eastern Washington University. She is also in the process of turning The Thrift Chronicles into a non-profit. There's nothing this amazing woman can't do. She STILL makes time to put her family first. She takes pride in her Samoan culture and is always promoting self-love and to love and inspire others. Shana is also my partner in a women's networking series where we host events around the Seattle area to bring women together in the most fun ways possible. Join us on MAY 21 at for Cocktails and Karaoke! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS!

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Dadabass and Yohanna E.

I met Dadabass and Yohanna E. earlier this year at a women's networking event I co-hosted. I was amazed by the talent and drive these two had! While sharing with one another our hobbies and goals in life, it made sense to get in the studio and record this episode! Learn more about Dadabass and Yohanna E. in this episode and how they express their truths through spoken word and rap. 

Catch Dadabass and Yohanna E. live THIS WEDNESDAY at Rumba Notes. It's going to be live. Event details here.

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Wolves and Sheep


I had the opportunity to interview two inspiring individuals; Jon Salmon and Angelo Martin who created the short film, Wolves and Sheep. The film "focuses on the friendship between two teens and the challenges they face from systemic oppression as they start a journey through high school." You can catch the first public screening of Wolves and Sheep at The Cloud Room on April 29th at 8 p.m. -- details here. Hit play to listen to my FIRST podcast session and learn more about the film and the people behind it.  And just a heads up, there's some explicit language in the show. Peep the trailer for the film below! 

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